KDC Accounting

Things are changing!

Things are changing!

Have you called the office or received an email from us in the last 2 weeks?  Have you noticed something different?  We have changed our name.   KDC Accounting

We are growing. We are developing more services. We are amazing more clients. We thought we needed a new name. Kerri Dickman & Co is now trading as KDC Accounting. We have the same phone number, both domains will reach our website, and all of our “old” email addresses will continue to work for some time to come yet.

“The Team is growing. With 9 accountants and other professional support staff, it’s no longer about me. We have the depth, the experience, and the passion to help more clients than ever before. This is just another exciting step forward in our journey.” Kerri Dickman Selby FCPA

As you can see, it’s also been a good opportunity for Kerri to start using her married name.  Don’t worry, she still answers to the old one – in fact, she is still guilty of using the old one; don’t hesitate to tease her about it – we do!

You will still see the Kerri Dickman & Co name around for a while (we don’t believe in waste so will continue using our existing stationery until it’s all gone) but we are planning quite a bit of promotion using our new name –  Kerri is keen to get the whole team busy so we are looking for new clients.  Also, with a fully functioning team, we would love to get you to start sending us referrals again. 🙂

“It feels so good to be at full strength again and to have a team that cares as much about my clients as I do is a truly wonderful feeling.  I hope you are as impressed by them as I am”.  Kind regards, Kerri

Be sure to check out their details later in this newsletter or on the “Meet The Team” page on our website.