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Here, we have provided you with additional links and information which you should find helpful.

We have included links to various government departments and other organisations which can give you a lot of detail on specific issues.  The ATO link especially can help you find information on all aspects of tax legislation and rulings along with some very helpful calculators.

We have also included copies of our newsletters.  These are sent to clients on a regular basis (individuals receive a general newsletter twice a year, business clients receive a business newsletter quarterly) and provide details of changes to the legislation along with reminders of things that you , the taxpayer, need to do at certain points in time throughout the financial year.

Lastly there is a link to our blog.  This includes all of KDC Accounting’s upcoming events, details of changes within our office and also updates on all of our achievements and milestones.

All of us here at KDC Accounting hope that these resources will be useful to you, and will hopefully help you get a better understanding of your tax affairs.  From our perspective each and every client is important to us and as such we want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to keep you as informed as possible.


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