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General Update – COVID hours, Working from home, 2021 Work and related

General Update – COVID hours, Working from home, 2021 Work and related

COVID-19 Update – Operation times & General Update

 10th January 2022

 Happy New Year from the Team at KDC Accounting.  May your 2022 be happy, healthy, and Safe, with many reasons to celebrate (and permission to do so 😊)


COVID-19 and our office hours. 1

Our COVID-19 Policy. 1

2021 Tax Returns – Please get your information in to us ASAP. 1

Open Days. 2

Appointments. 2

COVID-19 and our office hours

COVID-19 continues to impact our daily lives.  We had planned to re-open after the Christmas – New Year break but were starting to question if that was a good idea.


With the recent stats, the current mask mandate, and the advice yesterday from the ACT Chief Minister and the ACT Health Minister to “work from home if you can”, we will continue to work from home for the foreseeable future.


Our phones work remotely, all team members are operational, and we have achieved 99% of our lodgement target for 2020 in line with the extension granted by the ATO.  So, we are all ready to go for the new year and don’t see working from home as an impediment to our continuing efficiency or effectiveness.

Our COVID-19 Policy

  • You should not attend the office if:
    • You have any COVID-19 symptoms,
    • Have been a High or Medium Risk contact of someone who has tested positive, or
    • Have recently returned from a designated hot-spot in the last 7 days
  • All visitors to the office are required to scan in via the CBR Check-In App.
  • We expect all visitors to the office to wear face masks until further notice., regardless of health directives at the time.  Our Team Members will be doing the same.
  • It is assumed that anyone visiting the office has received at least 2 vaccines, if not the Booster as well.
  • No Face-to-Face Appointments without at least 2 vaccines. We feel this is necessary to protect our team and yourselves to ensure we can continue to provide the services that you need, in a timely manner.

2021 Tax Returns – Please get your information in to us ASAP

As we approach the 2021 deadlines, we are very keen to get your 2021 information in AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Part of our deadline / extension commitments to the Tax Office include not catering to slow-pokes.  If you don’t bring your work in with enough time for us to prepare your work, then we have no choice but to remove you from our lodgement program.  So what is the deadline to bring your work in?  I don’t know.  If everyone came in by the end of January …. Fantastic.  If everyone left it to the end of February …. We will probably struggle.  If everyone left it to the end of March … we will have many of you not lodged in time.  Any later than 31st March … we will mostly likely have to remove you from our lodgement program.  Please get it to us as soon as possible.

You can get your information to us by

  • Mail,
  • Upload to the client portal  (preferable to email for security purposes, but you are welcome to email non-secure information if that’s easier),
  • Slipping it under our door (if it is slim enough), or
  • Attending one of our “open days” – please see below.

Open Days

Just as we did before Christmas, we will have some open days to allow people to drop off and collect paperwork.  The current roster is:

Wednesday                        12th January                       11am until 7pm

Tuesday                               18th January                        8.30am until 5pm

Thursday                              3rd February                       11am until 7pm

Saturday                              19th February                     10am until 2pm

Monday                               28th February                     8.30am until 5pm



We encourage Zoom wherever possible.  For those not used to Zoom, it’s a simple click on a link received via email and your computer will download the app and start the meeting … and it’s free.

The next best alternative is a telephone call.

If you feel that having a Face-to-Face appointment is necessary to go through your supporting documents, we do prefer that you drop off your paperwork at one of our “Open Days” (see elsewhere in this update) and we can scan / photocopy the documents to then discuss them with you over Zoom or the phone.

Face-to-Face appointments will be available when absolutely necessary.  Team members and visitors will need to wear face masks and abide by our COVID-19 Policy (see elsewhere in this update)

If you have an existing appts, we will be in contact with you shortly and confirm if a Zoom appointment suits you.