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With GST                                    BAS Income & Expense Worksheet – Quarterly (No GST)

With GST and extra lines           BAS Income & Expense Worksheet – Quarterly (GST) – Extra Lines Version

No GST                                       BAS Income & Expense Worksheet – Quarterly (GST)

Templates and other useful forms

Motor Vehicle log book                         Motor Vehicle Log Book

Home Office and Other Records         Usage diary – one item Usage Diary – Multiple Items How to fill in Usage Diary

Tax Questionnaire

Thank you for using KDC Accounting as your trusted accountant and tax advisor.  Your Questionnaire for the 2022 Tax Season can be found here:

2023 Tax Return Preparation Questionnaire


Our business clients  can find a different questionnaire here –

Business Questionnaire

We hope that it helps in the following ways:

  1. Helps you to gather your information with more ease,
  2. Helps you to identify queries and discussion points,
  3. Saves time in your interview, which ultimately saves you money, and
  4. May even mean that many appointments are not necessary.

In this COVID environment, we would like to encourage you to only make face-to-face appointments when necessary.  Since COVID began, we have managed very well with phone and Zoom appointments.  Many of our clients have discovered that an initial appointment is not always necessary, or that it can be done by phone or zoom.  More often, we find it better to have a mid-way catch-up to ask some specific questions – after having already gone through your records.  We would like to continue this approach and hope to provide at least the same level of experience as previously, if not a better one.  By minimizing our facet-to-face appointments, we can be available for those appointments that are needed.

To help us complete your tax return efficiently and accurately, and to maximise your claims, we ask that you take the time to review the checklist/questionnaire provided on this page– remember it is only once a year so you should take your time with it.  Please note that the Tax Office will not accept answers like:  The same as last year.