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29th Sept 2020 Update on turnaround times

29th Sept 2020 Update on turnaround times

Thank you to everyone who has embraced our COVID-safe work flow arrangements.  It seems many of you are quite happy to send us your work without an interview.

Many of you have also embraced our questionnaire – just a reminder:  it is not compulsory and could just be used as a reference point whilst you prepare your information in your usual way.

One of the unexpected consequences of this new way of working means that we have less control of when you bring your work in and many of you have dropped off your work MUCH earlier than you would normally.  Currently, we have just more than DOUBLE the number of tax returns that we had in the office at the same time as last year.  Please bear with us – this is unprecedented (so sorry to use this word but it fits!) and we need some time to catch up.

The team has been working long hours through COVID and JobKeeper, clients new to STP, and double the usual workload.  The overtime is high and we are tired.  We want to maintain the quality of our work so will slow down just a little bit so that adequate rest times are had.

We appreciate your understanding.  Please get in touch if you have any queries but understand that our turnaround time is at least 8 weeks at the moment.