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Legal Services

KDC Accounting is pleased to partner with Falcon Legal to provide a range of legal services for our clients including Estate Planning and Corporate law matters.  Please refer below for more details.

Estate Planning Services – Wills and related matters

For an individual

Straight forward Will  –   From $   660

Power of Attorney (PoA)  –    From $   330

Advanced Care Directive (ACD)  – From $   330

Straight forward Will with PoA   –   From $   880

Straight forward Will with ACD  –  From $   880

Straight forward Will with PoA and ACD  –   From $1,000

For a couple

Straight forward Wills   –  From $1,100

Powers of Attorney (PoA)  – From $  660

Advanced Care Directives (ACD)  –    From $  660

Straight forward Wills with PoA   –  From $1,540

Straight forward Wills with ACD – From $1,540

Straight forward Wills with PoA and ACD   -From $1,980


Additional services available – Estate Planning

Testamentary Trusts

Granny Flat Agreement (GFA)      –   From $1,320

CentreLink compliant

Addition to Will to ensure compliance with the GFA/Life Tenancy

From $   440

To commence an Estate Planning matter, or to find out more, please refer to the following documents

Word Version for easy completion   Client Fact Finder – Estate planning matters

PDF Version to print and hand write Client Fact Finder – Estate planning matters

or send us a copy of your existing Will to admin@KDCaccounting.com.au


Additional services available – Commercial                         POA

Change of Trustees of your trust

Deeds of Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement

Deed of Novation

Deed of Sale

Deed of Guarantor

Asset Sale Agreement


Additional services available – Employment Matters                         POA

Employment Contracts

Employee Handbook


Additional services available – Corporate                              POA

Issue and Transfer of Securities (eg shares)

Shareholder Agreements

Company Secretarial matters – Minutes, change of name and related


Additional services available – Website                                 POA

Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

Returns Policy


Additional services available – Finance                                  POA

Loan or Loan Facility Documents


Filing Fees

File Administration, retention, and destruction – fee per Matter as required by the Law Society for secure storage and destruction after 7 years (or longer by arrangement) of instructions and other file notes.

One fee for all documents prepared at the same time                                                                        $77

Safe Custody of Wills and other executed documents, Certificates of Title etc                             Free


To find out more, please email us directly at admin@KDCaccounting.com.au