KDC Accounting

Locum Bookkeeping Service

Snowed under in your business?

Our Locum Bookkeeping Service offers professional help with your books on an ‘as needed’ basis – whether you need someone for an hour or even for several weeks. You pay only for the work we do.

How we help other bookkeepers

Imagine taking leave whenever you liked, not having to work on your days off, staying home when the family’s sick, and not having to do everything yourself.

Our ‘on demand’ services:

  • Help you for as little or as long as you need
  • Outsource some or all of your bookkeeping
  • Support you in busy times or cover staff absences
  • Develop new bookkeeping roles, and help recruit and train staff
  • Set up procedures
  • Conduct reviews, data checks, and end-of-year activities as required
  • Chase accounts receivable
  • Review existing programs for functionality, efficiency and cost Having a bookkeeper ‘on tap’ can be a luxury in your business, but it’s expensive if you don’t need that service all the time. Our Locum Bookkeepers will step in fast and give you all the help you need, whenever it’s useful. You pay only for what you use, saving time and money, and giving you peace of mind.


How we help small business owners

Benefits for your business include:

  • Backing from experienced and qualified accountants (CPA Members)
  • Fully insured advice
  • Bookkeepers who are experienced in working in multiple files, so they know how to get up to speed on your file quickly
  • Flexible delivery. We’ll do as much or as little as you need, and can defer certain tasks until your bookkeeper returns from leave, if that is their preference


Additional services available

Did you know we also provide Software Management? We’ll conduct:

  • Reviews
  • Recommendations
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Cloud services
  • Managing SuperStream and Single Touch Payroll


Please contact us on 02 6296 3733 or email us at admin@KDCAccounting.com.au for more information.