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Territory Accountancy – Doug Parslow

This page is dedicated to the clients of Doug Parslow T/as Territory Accountancy.

Please find following the email that Gail sent on 29th September about Doug’s health and the steps she is taking with the business.

It is with deep sadness that I am emailing you to advise that Doug may not be returning to work. At this stage, the tentative diagnosis is Rapid Onset Dementia.
Whilst I have tried to work out where things are up to, Doug has not been able to help and I have only recently been able to get the computer passwords from him.
So, I have made the very difficult, but only decision, to merge the business.
What does this mean for you?
I have reached out to a long-time friend and fellow-accountant, Kerri Dickman Selby, who owns an accounting practice in Phillip.
She has already provided help on some urgent, pressing matters and has agreed to take on anyone happy to change to her firm.
We know her technical skills and ethical values are at least comparable to Doug. Her fees will be similar and she will work hard with you to minimise significant increases.
You can learn more about Kerri from her website: http://www.KDCaccounting.com.au
She has been an accountant in Canberra for more than 30 years, operating her own firm for 20 years now, first in Tuggeranong and now Phillip.
Kerri has a team of 11 and has the capacity to look after you all.
Of course, you may choose to use another accountant and I will help you as best I can.
What’s next for you?
You need to make a decision very quickly as the Australian Taxation Office will act promptly to remove you from Doug’s lodgement program.
Also, your extension to lodge beyond 31st October is only granted if you are with a tax agent. If you would like time to consider what’s next, I would encourage you to transition with Kerri and her firm in the short term to keep your lodgement extensions, and to ensure that the Australian Taxation Office knows whom to contact. Kerri understands that you may later change your mind. That’s ok.
Kerri is also offering an opportunity for you to meet with her and some of her team (particularly those of you in Canberra) on Thursday 10th October 2019. You can call into her office any time between 4-7 pm and she will have some drinks and nibblies and will happily answer any questions you may have and introduce you to some of the team.
If you can’t make this time, please call Kerri and she is happy to meet with you at a mutually agreeable time or have a telephone conversation.
How do you transition?
The rules around how we store your data are very strict. I can’t give any of your tax information to Kerri until you authorise me to do so. Kerri can’t add you to her lodgement program without your authority.
The easiest way to manage this is for you to sign her Engagement Authority and send it directly to her office. You can find the Engagement Letter HERE. You can “sign” this document in any of the following ways:
1. Print, sign, and mail it to
KDC Accounting
Reply Paid 1356
(Please note: You do not need a stamp).
2. Print, sign, and hand-deliver it to
KDC Accounting
16 Dundas Court, Phillip ACT 2606
(the doorway is directly under the MGA Insurance sign at 14 Dundas Court)
3. Print, sign, and scan to admin@KDCaccounting.com.au
4. Forward the unsigned document to admin@KDCAccounting.com.au with the following words: Please consider this document signed.
5. Call and make an appointment with Kerri or Stephen to discuss your tax matters and they will have printed copies available for you.

As soon as Kerri and her team receive your authority, she will let me know, and then I will forward what information I can locate to her.

What’s next for Doug?
We will continue to push for a diagnosis and make him as comfortable as I can. We are hoping to make it to Kerri’s office on the 10th October but we will have to see how Doug is on the day – he is sleeping 20+ hours a day at the moment but if he is up to it, I will bring him for you to catch up with.

Kind Regards
Gail Parslow

UPDATE #1: it would seem that Doug was relying on email addresses in his email program rather than his tax program and a lot of clients did not receive the email. Accordingly, KDC Accounting will hold another meet and greet session on Wednesday 30th October.

UPDATE #2: The office in Kingston will be closed on or before 4th November. Gail desperately needs to know ASAP what to do with your data: Past and current. She has intermittent access to Doug’s email and is struggling with the balance between attending to Doug’s health, her own health, and the practice. The Tax Office is likely to remove you from the tax agents’ extended lodgement program shortly. Gail encourages you to make a decision quickly so that you continue to be represented by a tax agent and she knows what to do with your records. Failure to act quickly could mean that your records will be securely destroyed as Gail has no financial or practical alternatives. Kerri has offered to “park” clients on her lodgement program in the short term if you need some time to think about this. We know this is difficult and you are being pushed to a fast decision but we do implore you to advise what you want to be done ASAP. If you would like to collect your original documents, please send an email to the office and Gail will get in touch as soon as she can. You are welcome to call Kerri or the team at KDC Accounting and have a discussion about the options.