KDC Accounting

Calendly appointment

Hi, and welcome to KDC Accounting.

Thank you for making an appointment with me, through Calendly.

As a new or potentially new client, in order for me to best answer your needs, we need the following documents downloaded, filled in and uploaded to your client portal.

Once your appointment is confirmed, our admin team will create a client portal login for you, and email this through to you.

This will then allow you up upload your documents through to us

We find this a much more secure way of document transfer than email.

If you would like to know more about our client portal, please visitĀ Client PortalĀ 

This will help make things run smoother during the appointment

As an alternative, you can bring the documents with you.

Tax Questionnaire (If your meeting is to do with your Income Tax return, then this document will be useful)

Engagement Document ( this document authorities us to complete the work on your behalf)

Client Details Form- Individual ( other entities can be completed at a later date)