KDC Accounting

Kerri Selby FCPA

Kerri Selby FCPA
Principal & Senior Accountant
My firm is known as ‘Small Business’ Best Friend’ and I love that. We work hard to make the accounting process painless for our clients, helping them understand the numbers they need to know and taking care of the rest


  • FCPA
  • CPA Program
  • Bachelor Commerce (Accounting)
  • Diploma of Leadership and Management
  • Executive Certificate in SMEs
  • Executive Certificate in Not-for-Profits
  • Executive Certificate in Corporate Governance

Areas of Expertise 

  • Income Tax/BAS/GST
  • Small Business/Business Growth/Strategy/Profit Improvement
  • Buying/Selling your business
  • Tax planning
  • Super (Compliance)
  • Software Training
  • Mindset work: Law of Attraction, NLP, discovering your mental barriers to success.

My experience spans 32 years in public accounting in Canberra, with more than 20 years in my own accounting practice.

I provide:

  • Small business advice
  • Strategic planning
  • Business improvement activities
  • Wealth improvement guidance

For me, it’s not the ‘official’ side of my work that matters most: liaising with the tax office, ensuring individual and business compliance, serving on committees and panels to regulate, manage and improve the industry, although all of that is, of course, professionally rewarding.

What really matters to me is the difference I’m able to make in people’s lives. For some, that’s removing fear and uncertainty and worry. For others it’s removing hassle and stress and irritation and letting them get on with what they see as the ‘fun stuff’ in their businesses. Sometimes it’s about improving their numbers to create work-life balance, or boosting their family’s lifestyle or helping them realise business dreams. Whatever the positive outcome, I love being a part of it!

Outside Work…

I have two adult sons, both of whom have moved out into the world to follow their passions. I couldn’t be more proud of the men that they have grown up to be – just ask me and I will tell you all about them. Mal and I are film buffs (though no soppy chick flicks for me!) When not working, I also enjoy photography and scrapbooking. And if you still haven’t heard me talk enough … ask me about Harry Potter!