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Mal Selby

Mal Selby

Practice Manager

Practice Manager

“If I haven’t heard it before, I’ve probably done it myself. I had to employ (and then marry) Kerri to keep my finances in order!”


Diploma in Leadership and Management
Previous Security Clearance NV1

Areas of expertise

My conscience drives my performance, along with my strong attention to detail. I’m a big believer in listening carefully to clients and finding feasible outcomes. My door is always open, and utmost professionalism is important to me. It’s something I expect from my team, and we get there with compassion and kindness. I encourage all the staff at KDC to be friendly and approachable — for each other and for the clients we serve.

I can’t say my career hasn’t been varied. It began at 19 in the gut house of an abattoir, then as DJ in a nightclub. I’ve been a call centre operator, GAS re-connector, security guard, bouncer, public servant, business owner and more. I’m still the owner of a nerf party business.

And outside work…

You’ll find me unwinding with a favourite movie (I rate Men in Black, Independence Day and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy). Next time you’re in, let’s compare notes on sci fi, horror, action, thriller and comedy.

If I didn’t work at KDC, maybe I’d be a parking inspector or speed camera operator. It’s more enjoyable all round if we meet at the accountant’s office!