KDC Accounting

Dion Nomchong

Dion Nomchong


“Clients can get flustered when they’re concerned. It’s perfectly understandable. My job is to explain the relationship between the necessary data and the outcomes clients want.”


Cert 3 in Accounts Administration
Cert 4 in Accounting
Diploma in Accounting
Advanced Diploma in Accounting
Currently studying a Bachelor of Accounting.
Areas of expertise

I’m going to be honest: I love 90% of what I do! The other 10% I end up laughing about the next day, and isn’t that just how it should be in your work?

I’m thirsty for knowledge and love challenging myself to learn something new each day.

Working at KDC Accounting gives me the opportunity to work and grow with a strong team of awesome accountants!

And outside work…

I have a passion for motor vehicles and I love being outdoors as much as I can, I’ve always enjoyed camping and traveling.

If I was not an accountant and didnt work at KDC, I would be a fighter pilot.