KDC Accounting

Mal Selby

Since starting official work at the age of 19 in the gut house of an abattoir, one can say Mal has had a variety of jobs.

From Abattoir worker to DJ of a nightclub, Call centre operator, GAS reconnector, Security guard, bouncer, shit shoveler, working for the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Computer business owner, Nerf party business owner, just to name a few of the wide variety of jobs Mal has been involved in.


Mal is a conscience person who gives attention to detail in his work. He listens carefully to clients and works towards a feasible outcome. He is a kind and compassionate person but demands the upmost professionalism from his team. He is easily approachable and easy to talk to. He is an enjoyable person to work with.

His door is always open for a chat with clients